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Complete consultation with a Registered Professional Chiropractor

Advice for any deficiencies and improvements that can be made

Targeting of pain areas, general pain relief and management

Injury prevention advice and techniques

Rehabilitation and exercises for body strength and control

General posture, health and muscle development

Improve muscles that help your image and body language


Evidence based chiropractor – utilising the latest resources to bring you the best care.


We treat the root cause so it doesn’t come back – not just your symptoms.


Fast, safe and effective relief of pain.


We work with office workers daily, so we understand what causes your problems.


Rehabilitation exercises, postural correction and home care advice.


General health, prevention and stress level reduction.

Pain is a common symptom that is produced as a way of your body letting you know something is wrong. It can be so debilitating that it affects your activities and how you proceed with your daily life. This causes physical stress, that can eventually impact your mental health.

Very often, these are a result of poor habits, posture and incorrect movement patterns. Everybody has different pain thresholds – but if left unchecked it can increase the rate of degenerative changes affecting your spine, bones, surrounding muscles, joints and ligaments.

Most office workers will have developed some sort of symptom over time in areas such as the shoulders, neck, arms, back and legs. The causes of this (to name a few) can be due to poor working positions, inadequate exercises or compensated movements.

When it comes to treating the root cause of your pain, the location you feel it from does not necessarily highlight the problem area. Biomechanical pain can be prevented by understanding, re-educating and fixing poor posture and life habits.


We work with all insurance companies

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RESTART Chiropractic is a mobile chiropractic service providing treatment direct to London offices for convenience and flexibility.

We have been servicing the Central London office area since 2019 as a way to combat increasingly common health issues found in office workers and to help overall wellbeing and posture in corporate environments.

We pride ourselves on providing best chiropractic care to patients and always ensure our patients understand, fix and prevent their injuries.


All Chiropractors are registered with the UK governing body General Chiropractic Council (GCC) and association members insured by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA).

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Subsequent Consultation
  • Physical examination (Neurological, posture, spinal, foot biomechanics)
  • Treatment (Soft tissue work, cross friction, mobilisations, heat/cold therapy, adjustments), advice and exercise
  • ***For corporate bookings, a minimum of 4 people is required.
Health Insurance
  • We work with all insurance companies (BUPA excluded).
  • For insurance claims, please enquire below.
RESTART Chiropractic offers free posture assessments to companies as a trial event to gauge interest from employees. For more details please use the contact form below, or email Dr.louiechiro@gmail.com for more details.


Dr. Louie Feng (Chiropractor)


Louie is a chiropractor from Australia and graduated from Macquarie University, Sydney with a Masters of Chiropractic. He has bountiful experience in treating people of all walks of life – especially those sitting at a desk all day and hard labourers.

He has a keen interest in bio-mechanical issues (problems with muscle, joints and nerves) which is not only limited to the spine; but may include headaches, neck pain, arm pain, wrist pain, back pain, foot pain, hip pain and sciatica to name a few.

When dealing with acute or chronic injuries, he goes beyond providing symptomatic relief by addressing the underlying cause. In his experience, chronic pain patients can develop a dependency to drugs or seek out invasive approaches such as injections or surgery before trialling Chiropractic care. His conservative approach can assist you in minimising dependence and maximising control of your own health.

Louie is an avid sportsman and maintains an active lifestyle involving many sports. His favourites include snowboarding, rugby and racquet sports. His love for sports and physical activity has led to his desire to upkeep a positive and fit lifestyle.

When treating, Louie takes the utmost care in providing you the best possible options in order to help reach your goals. In his experience, his greatest joy is experiencing the success of others.

He has also travelled to different places around the world to provide services to the underprivileged lacking medical care such as India. He is constantly learning and improving himself in both skills and staying up to date with education to directly improves his level of care for you. His proficiency in adjusting, skills and knowledge will be sure to help you on your road to recovery.

All chiropractors are registered with the UK governing body (GCC)
All chiropractors are association members of British Chiropractic Council (BCA)