Pain is a common symptom that is produced as a way of your body letting you know something is wrong. It can be so debilitating that it affects your activities and how you proceed with your daily life. This causes physical stress, that can eventually impact your mental health.

Very often, these are a result of poor habits, posture and incorrect movement patterns. Everybody has different pain thresholds – but if left unchecked it can increase the rate of degenerative changes affecting your spine, bones, surrounding muscles, joints and ligaments. 

Most office workers will have developed some sort of symptom over time in areas such as the shoulders, neck, arms, back and legs. The causes of this (to name a few) can be due to poor working positions, inadequate exercises or compensated movements.

When it comes to treating the root cause of your pain, the location you feel it from does not necessarily highlight the problem area. Biomechanical pain can be prevented by understanding, re-educating and fixing poor posture and life habits.